Doctoral program "Law in Transition"

The doctoral program "Law in Transition" comprises a group of currently between 20 and 30 doctoral students who are in close and regular exchange with each other and with the faculty's lecturers. It offers its members a structured training program through the organization of doctoral colloquia, annual conferences, lecture series and customized workshops.

The doctoral program is divided into the three pillars "Technical Change", "Social Change" and "Economic Change". All doctoral students of the faculty who present a relevant dissertation project can be admitted to the doctoral program. It is possible to apply for start-up scholarships and financial grants for conference attendance and travel expenses.

The general conditions for doctoral studies also apply to participants of the doctoral program "Law in Transition", but the acquisition of 18 CP is required, and doctoral students are obliged to give lectures at the biannual colloquia and to attend a certain number of internal meetings. Successful participation is confirmed by a separate certificate.