Pillars of the doctoral program "Law in Transition"

The doctoral program is divided into the three pillars "Technical Change","Social Change" and "Economic Change".

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Technical Change

The first pillar, "Technical Change," addresses the possibilities and the need for a normative framework for the ever-advancing technical change. It deals, among other things, with the liability risks associated with the production and use of robots (Law&Robotics) and artificial intelligence, the data protection and liability implications of blockchain technology, and medical progress as a challenge for law (beginning and end of life; reproductive medicine; use of AI in research, diagnostics and therapy).

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Social Change

The second pillar, "Social Change," deals with the legal challenges posed by social change. These include, for example, the relationship between law and religion or between state and market, but also issues related to globalization and the growing interdependence between states.

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Economic Change

The third pillar, "Economic Change," is devoted to the changes that economic law is undergoing as a result of globalization and digitalization. It includes, among other things, issues relating to the internationalization of public economic law, the influence of digital technologies on private and commercial law, and the relationship between Swiss and European economic regulation.

Spokesperson for the "Technical Change" pillar is Prof. Dr. Sabine Gless.

Spokesperson for the "Social Change" pillar is Prof. Dr. Anna Petrig.

Spokesperson for the "Economic Change" pillar is Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schroeter.