Research and training

I. Research module

The doctoral students write their dissertation within the framework of the doctoral program. The topic is determined in consultation with the first supervisor. The dissertation is supervised and evaluated by the doctoral committee which is composed of a total of three faculty members competent in the respective research area and external experts.

The dissertation must be completed within three years. The doctorate is concluded with the doctoral colloquium in accordance with the general doctoral regulations.

II. Training module

The training module is designed to run for three years and is completed with 18 CP. German as the local language and English as the language of science are the two main languages of the doctoral program.

Below you will find an overview of the elements of the training module:

Doctoral colloquia at which doctoral students present their research work to the head of the doctoral program and to their fellow students are held twice a year. In addition to practicing the oral presentation of one's own scientific work, the colloquium offers the opportunity to discuss the dissertation as well as to receive professional feedback.

Each scholarship holder should present at least twice, each fellow at least once. With one lecture, 4 KP are acquired.

Participation in the doctoral colloquia is obligatory for all fellows and scholarship holders.

Internal doctoral student meetings are held four times a year to exchange information on current developments in the respective research areas and to communicate knowledge on formalities and techniques of jurisprudential work. The events thus serve to impart the organizational, methodological and technical know-how for writing a legal dissertation.

Scholarship holders are required to attend a total of six meetings. Fellows must attend at least four internal doctoral student meetings. A total of 2 CP is earned for participation in the meetings.

A conference on one of the research areas of the doctoral program to which both keynote speakers and doctoral students are invited is organized annually.

Conference attendance is mandatory for the doctoral students of the program. The participation as a speaker and publication of a paper can be rewarded with 6 CP. By participating in the conference organization, a corresponding number of credits depending on the effort involved can be earned.

Doctoral students are encouraged to take advantage of the university's central training offer, especially to acquire interdisciplinary skills. With the participation in these events, CP can be acquired

Additional activities of the doctoral students such as stays abroad or the organization of and participation in workshops are welcomed and compensated upon agreement.

If you would like to apply for finacial support, please klick here to download the form (in German).

By participating in a workshop, a corresponding number of CP depending on the effort involved can be acquired. For the stay abroad during a semester, 6 CP are credited. During the respective period, doctoral students are exempted from participation in the compulsory courses.