Admission requirements

Admission to the doctoral program "Law in Tranistion" requires admission to doctoral studies in law and matriculation at the University of Basel. Prerequisite is also a subject-relevant dissertation project that has been accepted at the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel. Doctoral students from other faculties of the University of Basel may be admitted if their dissertation topic is thematically related to the doctoral program. At least a passive knowledge of German and English is also required.

Admission to the doctoral program "Law in Transition" is by application and at any time. Please send us the following documents by mail:

  • Application form for participation in the doctoral program "Law in Transition"
  • Letter of motivation with description of the dissertation project and application for admission to one of the three pillars of the doctoral program (Technical Change, Social Change or Economic Change)
  • Curriculum vitae

Applicants will be informed of the decision in writing.