About Us

Our Mission: As a university-based center affiliated to the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel, the Center for Life Sciences Law (ZLSR) researches all aspects of life sciences law and bundles competencies in this field, especially in teaching.

Life Sciences Law as a Field of Law and a Subject of Research

As a field of law, life sciences law deals with all normative aspects of the use of living organisms in technology. This includes in particular the application of new technologies to humans, animals and plants.

The technical concepts and innovations stem from a variety of sciences such as biochemistry, pharmacy, molecular biology, medicine and bioinformatics. The normative issues here are in tension between the promotion of innovation, ethics, security needs and fundamental constitutional principles.

It is undisputed that technological trends such as digitization, miniaturization, or genome surgery also influence law through their transformative power. However, conversely, the ethical and legal set of norms can or should also influence technology.

Legal and technological transformation processes influence each other mutually. This interaction is the research focus of the ZLSR.

Prof. Dr. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam

The ZLSR as a Forum for the Exchange of Knowledge

The ZLSR functions as an independent forum for the exchange of scientific and legal research practice and social concerns, committed to scientific excellence.

The ZLSR bundles the numerous activities in life sciences law at the University of Basel and makes them visible and tangible for students and the public.

Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh

The knowledge gained through interdisciplinary exchange flows into research and teaching and is also communicated to a wider audience at internal and public events.

The master's degree program in law with a specialization in life sciences law provides students with comprehensive and specialized knowledge in life sciences law and creates the best conditions for a career start in a dynamic environment.

History, Management and Team

The ZLSR was founded in 2015 and was then headed by Prof. Dr. Herbert Zech, Prof. Dr. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam and Prof. Dr. Claudia Seitz. Since 2021, the ZLSR is under the co-direction of Prof. Dr. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam (Professor of Foundations of Law), Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh (Professor of Private Law) and Prof. Nils Schaks (Professor of Public Law). Dr. Franziska Bächler is responsible for the scientific management, Sigrid Hoffmann for the administrative coordination.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam.


Prof. Dr. Bijan Fateh-Moghadam

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh.


Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh, attorney at law

Portrait Prof. Schaks


Prof. Dr. Nils Schaks

Portrait of Dr. Franziska Bächler.

Scientific management

Dr. Franziska Bächler

Portrait of Sigrid Hoffmann.

Administrative coordination

Sigrid Hoffmann

Portraitfoto Inesa Fausch


Dr. Inesa Fausch, attorney at law

Portraitfoto Daniel Zeyer


Daniel Zeyer MLaw, attorney at law