Guest research stay

Are you interested in a guest stay at our faculty?

A visiting research stay can last from a few weeks to several semesters - depending on your research interests in Basel. You can apply for a guest research stay via the Research Dean's Office of the Faculty of Law. If you are accepted, you will receive an invitation letter from the Dean of Research to apply for a visa or funding.

Please complete our form and send it to the Research Dean's Office of the Faculty of Law.

Please also note the following information:

Before your stay

  • The University of Basel does not charge a fee for a guest research stay.
  • The Faculty of Law or the University of Basel does not pay any contributions to living expenses or fees.
  • You are responsible for organising your accommodation and insurance during your stay.
  • If you require a visa, please find out for yourself which documents you need. The best way to do this is to contact a Swiss representation abroad in your country.

During your stay

  • You are authorised to use our library. For longer stays and if required, you can also gain access to the legal databases.
  • Our library is a reference library; the holdings can only be used on site.
  • In principle, our visiting researchers work at free desks in our library. Information, e.g. on opening hours, can be found here.
  • During the lecture-free period, our faculty is less busy. If you are interested in networking with other researchers, it is better to plan your stay during the lecture period. You can find the semester dates here:

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Visiting researchers at our faculty

Current and future guests


Home institution: The Faculty of Law of Eskişehir Osmangazi University (Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi)

Main research areas: Family law; Property law; Matrimonial property law; Real estate in matrimonial property dispute, comparing Turkish and Swiss law

Perspective: During my research stay at the University of Basel, I am investigating the legal status of real estate in matrimonial property disputes - a topic at the interface of family and property law - comparing Turkish and Swiss law.

Contact on site: Prof. Dr. Roland Fankhauser


Portrait of Nestor Kouami


Home institution: Paris Bar School (FR) and University of Hanover (GER)

Perspective: My research stay at the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel serves three purposes: To complete my post-doctoral project on dispute resolution in the international construction sector; To submit a research report to the Paris Bar School with a view to joining the Paris Bar; To finalize a presentation on the similarities between OHADA law and European law in the field of international arbitration.

Local contact: Prof. Dr. Peter Jung


Portrait of Maria Stemmler


Main research interests: Issues of state secrecy, law of international organizations, protection of international underwater cultural heritage

Contact on site: Prof. Dr. Anna Petrig

Perspective: During my research stay, I am conducting comparative legal research on the handling of state secrets that have become public knowledge. I am investigating the extent to which their publication leads to them losing their status as secrets, which factors are decisive for this and which legal consequences result from this finding.



Portrait picture of Tim Potthast


Home institution: Faculty of Law of the Ruhr-University Bochum

Main research interests: International law, constitutional law and comparative law

Perspective: I am spending my research stay at the University of Basel to conduct a comparative law study on the international law friendliness of the Swiss, Austrian and German constitutions under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller LL.M. (Yale).


Portrait Benedetta Cappiello

March-August 2023

Home institution: Università degli Studi di Milano

Main research interests: AI systems and non-contractual liability from the perspective of private international law; Legislative approaches in the EU and Switzerland regarding liability issues for defective products; Medical devices, new technologies and the need to adapt legal frameworks in the EU and Switzerland.

Contact on site: Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh, ZLSR

Perspective: As a Visiting Researcher, I think my role is to share my knowledge, to broaden my horizon and to get involved in ongoing projects or to help start new ones, whenever my personal field(s) of study, and interest can offer a different perspective.