Reviewing and Adapting the Legal Framework for the Use of Organoids in the Life Sciences

Recent research has shown that so-called organoids can be used as an alternative to animal testing and can thus take into account the 3R principles (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement). Organoids are mini-organ prototypes synthesized from stem cells and can be used in a variety of research areas, including disease modeling, drug screening, and testing of personalized compounds.

However, it is unclear whether the medical use of organoids can actually reach its full potential under the current legal framework, especially since the use of organoids in the life sciences is a recent development that has not been anticipated by the law. Accordingly, there is still a lack of a fundamental review of the legal framework with respect to organoids, particularly with regard to their creation, legal status and use.

The project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) within the framework of the National Research Program (NRP) 79 is conducted by Prof. Dr. Alfred Früh (project lead) and Dr. Inesa Fausch and Daniel Zeyer MLaw. The team investigates whether and how organoids can be used under Swiss Law in line with the 3R principles. They are also investigating how – if necessary – existing laws and ordinances need to be amended.

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