Faculty Award of the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of the University of Basel honours graduates with the best degree for their outstanding dissertation by awarding the Faculty Prize. The 2021 prize goes to:

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Faculty awards of previous years

Dr. iur. Laura Macula, who in her dissertation "The Usability of Exculpatory Evidence in Criminal Proceedings in the Light of the Principle of Guilt", develops groundbreaking limits to criminal prosecution under the rule of law from the principles preceding criminal procedure law and thereby develops guidelines for legal practice so that legal prohibitions on the use of evidence do not incriminate the innocent.

Dr. iur. Dario Ammann, attorney-at-law, citizen of Basel, who in his dissertation "Die Erbteilklage im schweizerischen Erbrecht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Kompetenzen des Erbteilungsgerichts(de lege lata und de lege ferenda)" (The claim for partition under Swiss inheritance law with special regard to the competences of the court of partition (de legelata and de lege ferenda)) has thoroughly and comprehensively analysed the claim for partition under inheritance law from a substantive and civil procedural point of view and has thus not only made a dogmatically superior contribution to the further development of Swiss inheritance law, but has also provided forensic practice with an important, further-reaching working tool.

The prize of the Faculty of Law, donated by the law firm VISCHER, is awarded to Dr. iur. Raphaela Cueni, who, in her dissertation "Protection of satire in the context of freedom of opinion", develops a concept of freedom of opinion against a comparative law and international law background, describes a constitutional concept of satire under the guidance of literary scholarship, and traces the protection of fundamental rights in all areas of the legal system in a differentiated and coherent manner.

The prize of the Faculty of Law, donated by the law firm VISCHER, is awarded to Dr. iur. Nicolas Fuchs, who, in his dissertation "The actions for the protection of property under Art. 927 et seq. ZGB with comparative law references and with special consideration of the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO)", has subjected the substantive-law concept of ownership of the ZGB in its entire breadth to a profound dogmatic examination - including legal-historical and comparative law aspects - and has embedded this substantive-law system in the new civil procedural environment, thus presenting a uniform substantive and procedural law system for the protection of ownership.


The prize of the Faculty of Law, donated by the VISCHER law firm, is awarded to Dr. iur. Cordula Lötscher, who, in her dissertation "The state of litigation in Swiss civil procedure - principles, effects and cases of application taking into account foreign legal systems", examined the nature of litigation, its legal effects, the demarcation from related legal institutions and the individual possible cases of application in the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure, the Civil Code and other areas of the private legal system in a detailed and in-depth manner. Through her outstanding monograph, she has made an important contribution to the dogmatic, but also to the practical development of Swiss civil procedure law.