Winners of the faculty prize

Photo with Rector Andrea Schenker-Wicki (left), Dr. Lorenz Lauer (center) and Dean Wolfgang Wohlers

Dr. iur. Lorenz Lauer (2023)

who, in his dissertation "Das Anwaltshonorar" (The Attorney's Fee), thoroughly and comprehensively examines the basis and assessment of the fee claim, namely the legal qualification of the fee agreement, the fee on its various bases, the services entitled to the fee, the various models for determining the fee, in particular the contingency fee and any participation in litigation profits, the performance and financing of the lawyer's fee and finally the fee disputes and the enforcement of the fee claim and has thus provided forensic practice with an important, advanced working tool.

Photo with Dr. Laura Macula (left) and Rector Andrea Schenker-Wicki (right)

Dr. iur. Laura Macula (2022)

who, in her dissertation "Strafprozessuale Verwertbarkeit von Entlastungsbeweisen im Lichte des Schuldprinzips" ("The Usability of Exculpatory Evidence in Criminal Proceedings in the Light of the Principle of Guilt"), draws groundbreaking conclusions about the limits of constitutional criminal prosecution from the principles underlying criminal procedural law and thus develops guidelines for legal practice so that legal prohibitions on the use of evidence do not burden innocent people.

Photo with Rector Andrea Schenker-Wicki (left), Dr. Dario Ammann (center) and Dean Wolfgang Wohlers

Dr. iur. Dario Ammann (2021)

who, in his dissertation "Die Erbteilungsklage im schweizerischen Erbrecht unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Kompetenzen des Erbteilungsgerichts(de lege lata und de lege ferenda)", analyzed in detail and comprehensively the inheritance division claim from a dogmatic point of view under substantive law and civil procedure and thus not only made a dogmatically outstanding contribution to the further development of Swiss inheritance law, but also provided forensic practice with an important, further-reaching working tool.

Photo with Dean Wolfgang Wohlers (left), Dr. Raphaela Cueni (center) and Rector Andrea Schenker-Wicki (right)

Dr. iur. Raphaela Cueni (2019)

who, in her dissertation "Schutz von Satire im Rahmen der Meinungsfreiheit" (Protection of satire within the framework of freedom of expression), develops a concept of freedom of expression against a comparative law and international law background, describes a constitutional concept of satire based on literary studies and traces its protection under fundamental rights in all areas of the legal system in a differentiated and coherent manner.

Photo with Dean Daniela Thurnherr, Dr. Nicolas Fuchs (center) and Rector Andrea Schenker-Wicki

Dr. iur. Nicolas Fuchs (2018)

who, in his dissertation "Die Besitzesschutzklagen nach Art. 927 ff. ZGB mit rechtsvergleichenden Hinweisen und unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Schweizerischen Zivilprozessordnung (ZPO)", he subjected the concept of possession under substantive law in the ZGB in its entirety to an in-depth dogmatic examination - including historical and comparative legal aspects - and embedded this substantive law system in the new civil procedural environment, thus presenting a uniform substantive and procedural system of possession protection.

Photo with Dean Daniela Thurnherr and Dr. Cordula Lötscher

Dr. iur. Cordula Lötscher (2017)

who, in her dissertation "Standing in Civil Proceedings in Swiss Civil Procedure - Principles, Effects and Cases of Application Taking into Account Foreign Legal Systems", examined the nature of standing in civil proceedings, its legal effects, the distinction from related legal institutions and the individual possible cases of application in the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure, the Swiss Civil Code and in other areas of the private law system in a detailed and in-depth manner and made an important contribution to the dogmatic, but also to the practical further development of Swiss civil procedure law through this excellent monograph.