Event archive of the ZLSR

02.05.2019The Ever-Changing IP Landscape: Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets in 2019
27.02.2019Big Data in the Pharmaceutical Sector between Protection and Transparency: Opportunities and Legal Challenges
11.-12.10.2018Genome Editing / CRISPR as a Challenge for Life Sciences Law
29.11.2017Genetic Resources and Legal Issues in their Utilization
09.06.2017Innovation and Competition in Life Sciences Law
19.05.2017EU Competition Law in Sales and Distribution of Healthcare Products
11.05.2017From Lab to Life - Regulations for New Developments in Stem Cell Research
16.12.2016EU Clinical Trial Regulation - New Legal Framework for Multicenter Clinical Trials
04.12.2015Legal Aspects of Pharmaceutical Research Cooperation
13.-14.11.2015IP and the Life Sciences
10.11.2015IP Protection of Biological Inventions
22.05.2015IP Dispute Resolution in Life Sciences
20.11.2014Corporate Transactions and Life Sciences
14.11.2014'Natural' vs. 'Artificial' in Life Sciences Law
12.11.2014Clinical Trials in Switzerland - Liability and Insurance
13.06.2014Legal and ethical challenges of tissue engineering
14.11.2013The off-label use of medicinal products in Switzerland - opportunities and risks, especially from the physician's perspective
22.05.2013Competition Law in the Life Sciences
15 and 16.03.2013Boundaries of Intellectual Property in Life Sciences
23.05.2012What is Life Sciences Law?