When Algorithms Decide for us: the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

As part of a study commissioned by TA Swiss, researchers from the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich, the Empa Department of Technology and Society and the Institute for Technology Assessment of the Austrian Academy of Sciences are investigating the challenges of artificial intelligence. Based on the areas of work, education & research, consumption, media, and government & administration, the study analyzes what consequences are to be expected when decisions are increasingly made by algorithms.

Prof. Dr. Nadja Braun Binder implemented the research work in the area of government & administration.

The results are published here:

Christen, Markus/Mader, Clemens/Čas, Johann/Abou-Chadi, Tarik/Bernstein, Abraham/Braun Binder, Nadja/Dell’Aglio, Daniele/Fábián, Luca/George, Damian/Gohdes, Anita/Hilty, Lorenz/Kneer, Markus/Krieger-Lamina, Jaro/Licht, Hauke/Scherer, Anne/Som, Claudia/Sutter, Pascal/Thouvenin, Florent, Wenn Algorithmen für uns entscheiden: Chancen und Risiken der künstlichen Intelligenz, TA-SWISS Publikationsreihe: TA 72/2020, Zürich 2020

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