Developing a data-governance-framework to be applied in the Swiss mobility industry

Mobility is changing rapidly on a global scale. Technological developments in particular electrification, automation and digitization constantly foster innovation in mobility offers. These technologies not only allow for electric, automated and connected vehicles, they also create new mobility services. Such smart mobility solutions not only use existing data, but also generate new data when operating. This raises several questions, like who owns the data, how can data be protected and whether and under which conditions can interested third parties get access to these data – e.g. through access rights. The project will address these questions and aims to design legal and technical data governance solutions for smart mobility offers in Switzerland. The design of a new data governance framework and its evaluation will take into account the perspectives of different parties involved (citizens, industry and state-run entities). Thus we cooperate with various private stakeholders and platforms of the mobility industry and state authorities.

The research project was commissioned by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) and is carried out by an international team of interdisciplinary researchers. The research team consists of Rapp Trans AG, the Austrian Institute of Technology and the Law Faculty of the University of Basel. The following researchers work in the project team of the Law Faculty of the University of Basel: Prof. Dr. iur. Alfred Früh, attorney at law, Prof. Dr. iur. Nadja Braun Binder, MBA and Mr. Robert Schibli, MLaw.

Project results:

The following three essays also resulted from the project:

  • Früh, Alfred/Schibli, Robert/Braun Binder, Nadja: Secondary Use of Mobility Data: Infrastructure and Governance in Mobility-as-a-Service, SZW 2023, pp. 69-79.
  • Früh, Alfred/Schibli, Robert/Braun Binder, Nadja: Mobility-as-a-Service: Legal Issues in the Context of Multimodal Transport, AJP 2023, pp. 39-49.
  • Früh, Alfred/Braun Binder, Nadja/Schibli, Robert: Data Governance for Smart Mobility from a Legal Perspective, sui generis 2022, pp. 15-24.