• Editors: Prof. Irini Papanicolopulu, SOAS University of London/UK & Prof. Anna Petrig, University of Basel/CH
  • Description: The Oxford Handbook on Human Rights at Sea will constitute the first comprehensive and authoritative study of human rights at sea from a theoretical-conceptual and practical perspective. Based on original research, it will offer an in-depth analysis of the sources, general principles and transversal concepts that govern the field. Furthermore, after presenting a range of activities prone to human rights violations at sea, it will provide a holistic and wide-ranging evaluation of specific human rights as they apply in the maritime environment. To complete the picture, it will engage in an authoritative discussion of issues related to implementing and enforcing human rights at sea and the role of different actors in this regard. The volume will break new ground in comprehensively and critically addressing human rights at sea, an emerging topic of international law, thereby fortifying its theoretical foundations. The Handbook will contribute to the consolidation of the increasingly accepted concept of “human rights at sea” and be an important driver in forming an epistemic community among scholars looking at human rights through a maritime lens. Written by leading figures in human rights law, law of the sea and other relevant legal disciplines, the Handbook will constitute an authoritative source and a reference work for years to come. By addressing issues for the first time with a forward-looking approach that integrates emerging legal, societal and technological developments, it will lay the foundation for future research.
  • Number of chapters: 54 chapters, each of which 6000‒7000 words long and written by leading academics and practitioners in the field from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Timeline: Submission of outlines in September 2023; online authors workshops in November 2023; submission of draft chapters in March 2024; workshop to discuss draft chapters in spring 2024; submission of final chapters in August 2024, submission of the manuscript to the publisher in January 2025.