Universität Basel
Juristische Fakultät

Herbstsemester 2017

17061-01 Vorlesung: Anglo-American Private Law: Selected Topics

Zeit / Ort:
Do 10:15-12:00 (wöchentlich), Juristische Fakultät / Seminarraum S10 HG.45

Vorlesungsbeginn: 21.09.17

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Corinne Widmer Lüchinger

Inhalt und Aufbau der Veranstaltung:
In this class, students are introduced to English and American tort and contract law through the study and analysis of court decisions. Students are also introduced to the characteristics of Anglo-American case law, the English and American court systems and procedural “peculiarities” such as the jury trial, class actions and the discovery procedure.
This is an interactive class. Students are required to prepare in advance and to participate actively in class. Assigned readings will be listed in the course schedule on this web page at the beginning of the semester, along with a schedule of topics. Additional reading materials will be provided in class or made available on this web page. Students are responsible for checking the updated list of assigned readings and for reading these assignments.

Lernziele: The course aims to provide law students with a basic knowledge of Anglo-American tort, contract and procedural law and to provide them with the opportunity to speak English in a legal context. By studying case law and discussing cases in class, we will find out about fundamental principles of common law systems.

Empfohlene Literatur und Materialien:
The class is based on C. Widmer’s book “A Civil Lawyer’s Introduction to Anglo-American Law: Torts”, Stämpfli 2008 and on additional reading materials provided in class or made available on this web page. “Hörerscheine” entitling students to a 20%-discount will be distributed in class.


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