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Course 17081-01 - Comparative Constitutional Law - Dr. iur. Evelyne Schmid

17081-01 - Comparative Constitutional Law
(Vorlesung Rechtssysteme: Die grossen Rechtssysteme der Welt aus der Sicht des öffentlichen Rechts)

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The syllabus can be found on ADAM and is also available here with a handout on the assessment methods and a list of recommended research materials.

Guest Lecture: A Look at Constitutional Review, Federalism and the Amendment Process in the United States and India. Within the framework of this semester’s class on comparative constitutional law, Joie Chowdhury will give a guest talk on a comparative analysis of the constitutions of the United States of America and India with a specific focus on issues relating to constitutional review, federalism and amending the constitution. Where important, there will be brief references to the Swiss constitutional system.

13. Mai 2015, 8:30-10:00, Seminarraum 10, Jur. Fakultät. Zusätzliche Informationen: siehe hier.

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