Promotion of Young Talents

The promotion of young researchers at the Faculty of Law includes the groups of post-doctoral students, doctoral candidates and Ambizione researchers.

With the habilitation, scientifically qualified persons are appointed as private lecturers. They thus receive the venia docendi for a scientific field.

The aim of the habilitation is to establish the teaching qualifications of persons, especially of young academics, who wish to work independently in research and teaching at a high academic level. The academic assessment is based on a written habilitation, other equivalent publications or the habilitation at another university as well as proof of pedagogical-didactic skills.

Each private lecturer is obliged to remain scientifically active and to attend an average of two semester hours per week in the scientific field for which the venia docendi has been issued.

On 5 November 2009, the Faculty of Law issued supplementary regulations to the Habilitation Regulations of the University of Basel (see documents listed below).


After obtaining the master's degree, the university education can be continued by writing a dissertation. A dissertation is not only the basis for an academic career, but also a proof of achievement that is recognized outside the academic environment. You can find everything else on the subject of doctoral studies in the section study information: doctorate.