IT Service Center: Jacob Burckhardt Haus (ITSC-JBH)

The ITSC-JBH is responsible for IT support in the following units:

  • Department of Sport, Physical Activity and Health (DSBG)
  • European Institute (EIB)
  • Faculty of Law (IUS)
  • Centre for Economic Research (WWZ)

Our mission is to provide an efficient and stable IT environment that will support you as an employee of the University of Basel in your work in the best possible way. We help you with questions and problems related to the use of the university computers (including the connected devices and the installed software). If necessary, we can also refer your enquiries to specialists. We advise and support you as far as we can in the evaluation, purchase and installation of the IT structure of research projects and in the technical implementation of courses or conferences.

We are happy to receive IT requests for the Faculty of Law and the WWZ at our service point (office EG.42) in the WWZ building. You can reach us at the following times (except of course for holidays and public holidays of the University of Basel):

Opening hours of the ITSC-JBH

Monday–Friday: Morning08:00–11:30
Monday-Friday: Afternoon13:00–17:00
Entrance to the service office of the ITSC-JBH.

IT Services (ITSC)
Jacob Burckhardt Haus
Peter Merian-Weg 6
PF 4002 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 14 11