PRO IURE is an alumni association of former students of the Faculty of Law Basel as well as other colleagues who feel a special affinity to this faculty. PRO IURE promotes the relationship between the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel and its graduates and regularly supports the Faculty of Law with considerable sums of money, without which numerous events could not be held. In addition, PRO IURE organizes annual social gatherings to foster relations between the alumni on the one hand and the faculty on the other.

The faculty is pleased when each graduate underlines his or her attachment to the alma mater by becoming a member of PRO IURE.


Students that enter the Pro Iure Auditory at the Faculty of Law.

Präsident: Dr. Patrick Fassbind
Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs of the canton BS: KESB
Rheinsprung 18, 4001 Basel (PF 1532)
Telefon: +41 (0)61 267 80 90