Organizational Units

The organizational units of the Faculty of Law comprise the departments and the groupings.

The Faculty of Law is divided into three departments: Private Law, Public Law and Criminal Law. The respective departmental assemblies are composed of all lecturers, two assistants, a representative of the administrative staff and a delegate of the students of the respective subject area.

Their tasks include, in particular, the planning of the range of lectures, development planning and the promotion of young academics in their fields as well as the application for teaching assignments to the Faculty Assembly.

Private LawProf. Dr. iur. Corinne Zellweger-GutknechtChairman of the Private Law Department
Public LawProf. Dr. Daniela Thurnherr, LL.M.Chair of the Public Law Department
Criminal LawProf. Dr. Bijan Fateh-MoghadamChairman of the Department of Criminal Law
 Heide SampsonOffice

Faculty members are entitled to co-determination in the handling of faculty and university business. They exercise their co-determination in groups, whose representatives can take part in various committees and commissions with voting rights. Each group has a chairman and thus a contact person for questions and organisational matters.


GroupsChairmanshipRepresented units
Group IProf. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlers (Dean)
  • Professorships
  • Assistant professors with tenure track
  • Funding professors of the SNF
Group IIJudith Natterer Gartmann
  • Assistant professors without tenure track
  • Lecturers
  • University lecturers
  • Titular professors
  • Private lecturers
  • Scientific employees
  • Staff with teaching responsibilites
Group IIIAngela Agostino-Passerini
  • Assistants
Group IVEsther Jundt
  • Administrative and technical staff
Group VPascal Notz
  • Students